Friday, February 24, 2012

Air Idaho

On Sunday I had the opportunity to go down to Air Idaho and spend 24 hours with them. While there I do anything that the flight medics would do. So I go through the crew checklist for the day, inspect the airplane, and if there are any flights I get to go! Around 14:30 we had our first call to go to Salmon, Idaho. This is the plane I flew on, the normal plane was getting repairs.This is my flight suit!
This is flying out of Idaho Falls. It had snowed the night before, but there were beautiful mostly clear skies for my day of flight.
This is the view from where I sat. Inbetween me and Roger, the medic, is there the patients go, and the nurse is on the seat to the left.
Just flying over the last mountain pass to Salmon.
Our patient was too sick so we didn't have to help him with anything really. Just transport him and make sure he didn't code. Even after we got him to the hospital the docors weren't sure what was wrong with him. Picture is flying out of Salmon
Our next flight happened at 8:00 the next morning (My shift was supposed to end at 9) but with ANOTHER call I couldn't pass up the opportunity! This time it was to Pinedale, Wyoming, and I got to fly in the cockpit! :) The Pilots are all super nice and describe what everything is and answer any questions.
Some mountains we flew over
Coming into the runway! I absolutely LOVE flying!! I'm not sure why, but I still get excited at take offs and landings, and I love to look out the window! So having this amazing few of the run way get closer and closer to us had me all giddy, and I took pictures. :)

Whoa!!! Were there!! :)
The patient we picked up at Pinedale was REALLY sick! The poor lady had so many things wrong with her. (For my own rememberance: history of A-fib, breast cancer, myelonoma, stopped taking her Coumadin b/c of a head injury, stopped taking her Digoxin b/c she couldn't afford it, doctor intubated her, she almost coded on our way back to the plane, had 3 different IV drips going, one of NE that basically kept her bloood pressure alive.)
This is the Wind River Mountain Pass, there were so many mountains and it was beautiful! Both of these little cities were surrounded by beautiful mountains! Why does Rexburg have none?!
We BARELY made it back to the airplane in time to fly back to Idaho Falls. The pilot can only be on the clock for a certain amount of time, so we quickly loaded her up and took off all within 3 minutes, which is a fast considering how you have to get people in and out. On our way TO pinedale we flew over the clouds, on our way BACK we flew through the clouds to save time! We were so crunched for time! The Pilot had to be landed by 11:02 and we took off around 10:30, it was a 35 min. flight, not including the landing and take off time. As soon as we got over the mountain pass and were above Idaho falls again the pilot started doing a 360 circle downward as fast as he could!! I felt like my face was falling off and I was slumping from the pressure that was being put on me. It was So insane and fun!! He landed at 11:01... haha :) I loved flying and the smaller plane! Turns were fun, bumps were fun, the view was better, it was all so wonderful!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Connor's Mission Pics

It's finally time!! Connor is getting ready to send in his mission papers!! HOORAY!! He asked me to take a few pictures of him for one good one to send in. I think every two pictures we took, we got one good one, between all the goofing off at least. :) haha. I love this boy and am so glad I got to practice some pictures with him! Temples are just awkward to take pictures of with people I think. Trying to get Moroni and the person, but then there is so much ground in between... so I dunno, we did our best! The only wheat still alive.This one is my favorite!!

So I made it B&W too I thought this would be a cool picture, then he pulled his scriptures out and I realized the Gold writing on the side is all worn off!! haha, looks like he needs a new pair!

Here he is "feasting on the words of Christ"The actual verse Blue berry eyes!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Goofing Off

We flew a little bit...

Then I flew backwards...Then Brad flew a little bit... Our fancy dinner with Raspberry Shirley Temples!

Brad helped Connor with this Science Experiment last month, on how fast Skittles would deteriorate in different substances. Brad got SO excited about this project!! I'm not sure how much Connor actually needed, but Brad was covering ALL bases of the project and what was happening to the skittles.

Just a week ago I drove down to Pocatello at 630 in the morning to INTUBATE people!! I had to scrub down into their scrubs and booties and wear this funky hair net! haha, thank goodness i found a smaller one that actually fit my head and not this balloon!If you have ever had surgery where you've been put out, you have been intubated, like so! Except only the tube is left in during the surgery attached to the ventilator. It was such a great experience to actually practice on REAL patients, since this is something I will possibly do someday in the field. I got 7 intubations total for the day. Between intubations I got to watch surgeries! Another favorite part of the day!! I've always wanted to see surgeries be done! I got to see kidney stone surgery, Gallbladder removal, hysterectomy, some weird tooth surgery (he pulled 2 molars out of the guys mouth, then cut into his cheek to remove pus... Not sure what was going on there), some back surgery (the patient looked like an alien with her spine exposed!!), and a neck fusion. IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! I loved bouncing between rooms to see what was going on. The surgeons do listen to music too. I always saw it in TV shows and found it kind of odd, but they really do! The Doctor removing the Gallbladder was rapping as he was poking his holes through her skin... SO CRAZY!! If there wasn't music they were talking about the latest sports teams or something as they are cutting, and moving stuff around. I got all my intubations the first time except for one... Whose throat got a little cut... I'M SORRY MAN! I got it the second time though, and the anesthesiologist told me it happens, so no big deal. I still felt bad though.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Flight Medic

This week was busy with clinicals as usual, but mixed in with our classes we went down to the airport and got trained to fly on the airplane!! :) I'm so excited to hopefully go up soon!
This is the airplane I'll be flying on, with a picture of my class! :)
Ian and I inside of the plane. I'm sitting on the cot where the patient would lay.
This is the helicopter that only takes the Medic and the nurse, so we don't get to fly on this one.
Inside of the Helicopter. Itty bitty living space!

Date Night: Star Gazing

Here we are! Date night last weekend we went star gazing. We layed in the back of our car with the seats down. We used blankets to stay warm and had the heat on full blast, surprisingly it was just enought to stay warm!! :) Plus the Winter here hasn't been bad AT ALL!! It's been an average of 30 degrees, which for Rexburg is FANTASTIC!! Hardly any snow and even if it does it melts the next day b/c of the 35 degree weather.Bradley John in the trunk The blankets used in the back of the trunk. This is how we laid to look at the stars. Either on the back edge or inside of the trunk.

We drove out to the "haunted" swing, just past Rexburg for no lights and peacefulness! It was so nice to escape from Rexburg for a little bit and just be with each other.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

DC Part 2

Sunday morning we woke up and went to church. At the National Cathedral! I'm so glad we went, I had never been to Mass before, so it was really cool to see how they did everything. This was Brad's favorite stained glass window. On top of the Cathedral you could walk around. The architecture was just beautiful. Reminded me of Europe.Arlington Cemetery. Such a special place!! These guys are amazing for all that they do (all soldiers that is) Saw the Changing of the guards

Sisterly lovinSo many graves Walking the streets of Georgetown. Outside of Sprinkles Cupcakes Our cupcakes, not as good as Gigi's in Georgia or even Coco bean in Rexburg. Monday morning I got to practice Topi's hair more!! I Love doing hair!! Especially hers, it's so soft and perfectly thick! We headed to the Capitol building for a tour. This used to be the front entrance to the Capitol building. Tori jumping in the very center of Washington DC!!

Brad somehow secretly stuck these stickers on my bum, after our tour of the Capitol building...And I walked around with them on... Probably for at least 10 minutes... hahaNot happy... jk, I didn't care.

The stickers were then used in a sticker war between everyone. I think this is after I stuck mother. I love my mommy!!

On the Capitol stairsI just loved Connor's jump! hahahahaha....

Saw the Hope Diamond and many others!! We also stopped by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, but your not allowed to take pictures of them anymore! :( When I went a two years ago to DC we could as long as there was no flash, but not no more. At least I got my pictures then!

Where Abe was shot, still set up as it was back in the day for the President. The chair Lincoln sat in when he was shot in the head. (The one closest to the camera)

Tori "lying" in the bed that Abe died in. His beds were always short for him, he would have to lay diagonally.Here we are on the subway, had to snap a quick picture, cause it was Brads first time on the subway.

We enjoyed lots of hot cocoa in the executive lounge of the hotel.

Whenever we had to drive somewhere in DC the girls were stuck in the back. We enjoyed our squishy time together though. :)

The last night we enjoyed some Cheesecake factory in our hotel rooms! :) What a great way to end a great trip. Thanks mommy and Papi for the wonderful Christmas break!! :)