Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yummy Tummy Christmas

Once upon a Saturday night (yes, last night) we made some DeLiCiOuS Symphony Bar Brownies!!! First we bought Toffee and Almond Symphony bars, then made the brownie mix, put the bars in the pan on top of half the batter and the rest of the batter on top of those. After tons of milk and joyfully sick tummies....
This and less than half a gallon of milk (that we bought on Friday, oops.) is all that we have left.
For family night a couple of weeks ago we cut out snowflakes and I made this cute sign for above our sink. :)
These are the snowflakes, all the wonderful awesome one's are Bradley's, he's such an artist!
I know this one is kind of dumb, but when I cut it out they looked like people so they had to be colored in. Brad thinks they all look like chemo. patients, rude. haha
This is our tree (an American Girl tree that I had growing up)The living room, with the few decorations that came with our tree. :)
We are SO Excited for Christmas!!! :) We are leaving this Saturday for the A-T-L and can't wait to see my family, it's been TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Our Thanksgiving was Fantastico! We went to Colorado to be with part of Brad's family, whoever could make it. The whole trip was SO MUCH FUN!!! We got there and stayed with Natalie and Matt for a few days. While with them we:

Played TONS of games, (mostly cards that included Black Jack/21) This glass of water represents what you drank when you lost!! Everyone was SO loaded on water after that game. I think Natalie and Brad had to pee 4 times in the next hour or so after playing?!
Went to the Colorado zoo

It was a really nice zoo, we saw SO many animals, and it was a nice sunny warm day!
Watched the Last Airbender... wow, pretty sure we lost brain cells, so dumb.

Played with the adorable children (Blake, Tyler, and Lacey), Brad and Tyler at the zoo with the African Stocker in the window. (aka- oversized house cat) He was just standing there staring at us for a while, so we had to take the picture! What a nice stocker. :)
Ran a turkey trot (Finishers were 1:Matt! 2: Me! 3: Brad! 4:Noelle! Everyone did fantastic, particularly Matt, he did have home trail advantage though... haha jk!), told lots of stories, and
Drove a green Kia SoulYes, we pimped out in this while we were there.... Don't get one!

Then the rest of the family showed up and we went down to Colorado Springs to be with Brian and Jen, Naomi, and los padres.
While down there we went and saw Tangled! It was so cute! We also played with more adorable children! (Carter, Addilyn, and Preslee), Addilyn was especially cute since she was always looking for me, playing with me, and wanting to be next to me! haha Love her! (It probably won't last forever, sadly) and of course Thanksgiving!! We went to Aunt Margaret's house and had a delicious feast! I got to meet the Wyeth side of the family! :) Brad carved the turkey too! :) Good job babe! The day after we had to leave and head back to Idaho... boo! We are glad we made it safe and with only minor delays, and never got caught in any snow storms. It was a wonderful first thanksgiving together! :) We missed all the family that couldn't have been there! :(