Saturday, November 19, 2011


On Wednesday was our first competecy test in class. Our competencies are based on ACLS (acute coronary life saving) skills. The book has a bunch of different rhythms that we have to be able to properly treat based on the symptoms. The hardest one is a mega code. Which includes 4 different rhythms, always including cardiac arrest. Mega code was the first skill to be tested. So groups started testing and people started failing... it wasn't looking good. When my group came to test a total of 4 kids in the class had actually passed. Everyone else failed. Obviously from my title, I PASSED!!! I was 1/6 that passed out of the total class. It felt awesome!! Our teachers decided the class wasn't ready to test so the next few labs are practice days for everyone. Hooray for me!! (This test is also one that if you fail 3 times You're OUT)

I've been able to manage my time so that Brad and I can have nap time together... seriously LOVE naps with him! Since our apartment is cold we just cuddle up under all the warm blankets. :) Heaven!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Halloween was pretty lame this year. We didn't have anywhere to go, and no ideas about how to dress up. So we didn't do anything. Brad really wanted to dress up, but I just wasn't feelin it, and I had a bunch of hw and a test. I did get up and make some Ghost Pancakes! :)

Earlier that week I made some pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting. BEST cream cheese frosting I've made! Yum!

We got to pull out the Halloween decorations from last year. Our lollipop ghosts that hang on our fan.

The web behind the tv.

This beautiful wreath that my MIL got for me! THANK YOU!! My cute pumpkin scarecrow

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Ball

Finally catching up to date, kind of. School started WAY back in September and took off at a sprint!! Obviously it has been extremely busy. For my own remembrance this is my schedule: (in military time, cause that's all I use now and it makes more sense.)

  • Monday- 1100-1800 Lab and ambulance Ops. (we do fake scenarios and drive the school ambulances to the scene in our groups of 3)

  • Tuesday- 7:45-1400 Cardiology, Preparatory, and Airway... all in the SAME classroom!! blah...

  • Wednesday 1100-1400 Then we drive down to Idaho Falls for clinical 1500-21:30, and then we drive home.

  • Thursday- 7:45-1400 Cardiology, Preparatory, and Patient assessment

  • Friday- NO CLASS!! YAY! Except this day is used to study because every weekend I have a cardiology test, and usually a test from one of the other classes.

Fridays are also possible shift days where I go down to Idaho falls @ 7-2200; that happens twice this semester. Once a week I try to fit in a clinical. Either the IF one, One at Madison Ambulance, or Madison ER. I have to have 5 shifts at Madison ambulance, and 2 at Madison ER. My ER shifts are from 1800-600... oy vey. Those stink, or the times I have to sleep at the fire station. Those are pretty bad too, I hate being away from Brad!! I have learned SO much though and am still loving every second of it!! :) Technical skills we've passed off:

  • IV's (probably my favorite!)

  • Intubation

  • Shots

  • Various ACLS scenarios

Not that much, but each one takes at least a week to practice and pass off, cause we only practice these in lab time. These are all of my books I had to buy. Besides school we got to enjoy the wonderful Fall weather while it was here. We went on a walk on the only trail in Rexburg, by the river!! :)
Oooohhh, so pretty!
I love the few from our apartment, especially these mornings!!