Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mallow War

A week ago for our FHE Bradley felt like doing something constructive. He started playing with cards and trying to build them until he got this:

Then I needed one, so he helped me with mine and got this:

Then the game began!! The object of the game was to knock the other persons house down using marshmallows! Each turn you would pick a card, and get to throw one marshmallow, unless you drew a specific card. The cards each meant something different. So hearts meant you could rebuild, diamonds were a shield, spades were bombs, and clubs were receiving more marshmallows! Everything was basically cut in half, so a six of spades meant you could throw 3 marshmallows, a king was worth 13 so you could throw 6 mallows. Diamonds were always worth one block on the turn you were being thrown at. When you had plenty of marshmallows you could turn 5 in and add a card to your house for more strength. Jokers meant you could add cards also, depending on what other number you picked up.

Surprisngly we played for a while, at least 20 minutes before somebody's house actually fell.
Brad did the most damage!! My house still stood a lot of hits too! :) I love the little mallow inside.

I finally won when I threw 5 mallows at Brad's!! DESTROYED! This game was lots of fun!! Highly recommended! :) It most likely will turn into a big war of throwing mallows, but that makes it all the better.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

!!!One Year!!!

This has been the best year ever!! Bradley has been such a wonderful husband! We've grown so much with one another, the first year was definately NOT hard!! We're both easy going so it has been easy living with each other. Maureen asked me what one of the funniest moments has been being married?! Bradley and I still can't really think of one. We decided the other day after goofing off, that everyday is funny in our lives, we just don't see it as being funny. But if someone were to watch or hear us, they would think "what the heck?" So to come up with a story we'd have to tell you about every single day. :)
To celebrate our day we had a lazy morning... Made puffed french toast (you can find the recipe on my recipe blog, link located on the right Wyeth Wecipes! It's DELICIOUS!!), we had to pick up our ice cream cake, then we got ready for the day and headed to Idaho Falls. There we shopped at Ross and treated ourselves to a new article of clothing and I exchaged my sunglasses! :)
We looked around Best Buy for a while, and the mall, until dinner at Texas Roadhouse! We made sure to eat a lot of rolls, so we could take most of our meal home for leftovers the next day! Fantastic! We then walked over to the movie theater and were just in time to see "Just Go With It." Hilarious, it made me feel like I was back to summer time and on vacation... ha I wish!
Onward home to enjoy the most wonderful ice cream cake ever!! I'm so glad we did ice cream cake so we can celebrate with our "actual" wedding cake every year!! This one was chocolate cake and frosting, with cake batter ice cream with brownie chunks! :) For our wedding it was the same just minus the brownie chunks, but it was a great add in this year. Here we are giving each other a bite. Brad picked up his whole piece to give to me and it was so cold I couldn't even bite it! haha

On Sunday we decided to take some pictures just for fun. My camera was on custom timer so it took 10 pictures in a row really fast. I thought this sequence turned out kind of funny... Brad started tickling me...Sadly this is the last clip before we stumbled to the ground. haha. He's so much fun and so wonderful!

After we delighted our bellies with cake we decided to try some newlywed questions. We did pretty good I think, only minor differences. We are so in love and looking forward to every year! :) Lastly, we'd like to say we're so glad Jimmy Eat World came into existence. If they hadn't gotten together, and made their song 23, and Brian hadn't listened to them so much, and Brad wouldn't have been listening to their song 23 on his way home from the store back in the fall when we started dating, and Jered Robinson hadn't introduced us, we might not have ever met and started dating! To quote Jimmy now for the part that impacted Brad the Fall night: "You'll sit alone forever, if you wait for the right time. What are you hoping for? I'm here I'm now I'm ready..." So Jimmy for that, we thank you!

Awkward first date video!/video/video.php?v=583444686944

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dancing and the Coco Bean?

For the past two friday nights, Bradley and I have gone DANCING!!! Who would have believed it?! haha, I'm so stoked!! Once we get a little better maybe we'll make a video?! So far we have learned the Cha-Cha and Tango!! Tango has always been my favorite, I'm so glad we got to learn some of the basics!!! Brad has the potential to be so good, we just need to practice... a lot! Thanks babe for going dancing with me, we're gonna be pro in no time! :)
Anyways, back to the major exciting thing that happened... Brad went to the Coco bean with me!!!!!!!!! and LIKED IT!!!!!!!!! He was scraping his cupcake holder clean!! I was so impressed and SO glad he enjoyed it!! :)He ate all his frosting too!! I hope this will be a tradition?! ;)

In other news, tomorrow is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! I can't even believe it!!! :D I've had to wait one whole year for this ice cream cake!! haha. Plus living with Bradley has been the best year of my life!! I love him so much and am so grateful for all he does for me! More details to come after tomorrow....

School is almost out for the semester, I'm excited to start Summer with Nellie and Noelle coming back up here! I'm even more excited to live in Arizona for a few weeks in July, hopefully see my family some time in there, run the Disneyland half marathon (Thanks Brittany!!), and have my little brother Connor up here in the fall!! YAY!!!Haha, this was my senior year, actually taken in Arizona! He's grown up don't worry! He's always been my little twin, so to Connor I say, "You look like me!"

Sunday, March 6, 2011

San Diego

A couple of weeks ago I left Rexburg for San Diego with all my new sisters!! We all met in San Diego, California on Friday. Sadly we didn't get there till about 2 Friday night, but we still made it! :) The weekend was SO much fun!!!! I"m so glad I was able to go and have so much fun with everyone! Thanks Daddy Dru! Saturday we went to a Swap meet, where I drooled over all the MAC make up!
Lunch at the Beach HouseAfter that we went back to Jen's parent's house (where we stayed) to relax for a while. We decided to order Chinese take out for dinner. The rest of the evening was spent doing hair, having tinsel put in our hair, getting some fro yo, and staying up late! Sunday we went to stake conference, and the San Diego temple.All the sistersThen we headed to the beach to watch the sunset! It was so beautiful!! I miss the sun and the beach! This is Jen and me at the sunset.

The weekend was so wonderful, WAY too short!! I'm glad I was able to get away from the Burg even though I missed Bradley, and he was bored home alone. I love my new sisters SO much!! It was nice to get to know everyone a little better, stay up late talking every night about girl stuff, and our husbands, spending tons of time sitting in front of a fire, listening to the rain on the first night we got there, doing our hair and make up.... the list goes on and on. I miss everyone and can't wait till we can get together again!!