Sunday, May 20, 2012

Birthday Time!

May has been such a wonderful month!  The weather has been mostly decent, and we've had lots of family activities to make it loads of fun! :)  We had a cinco de mayo party and Matt and Natalie came up.
We've been going on lots of Sunday outings, playing in the parks, and being sick for a week...
 Trevin is such a cutie!  So glad to have some nieces and nephews around! :)

 The day before my birthday we went to Cocoa Bean for some amazing cupcakes and flavored hot chocolate.  Then headed to Idaho Falls to watch The Avengers and have dinner at Red Robin.
 Our waiter was so nice, he brought us a free root beer float and a basket of fries!  Holla!!  Once we got our meal and had devoured the first root beer float, he brought us another one!!  All for free!
 My bonzai burger!!
 Free sunday with balloons, and they sang! :)
Birthday morning I kept giving Brad a hard time about how he had to get up early to put up my "streamers."  I know we don't have any though and just wanted to get a reaction out of him.  When I was allowed to come out of the bedroom I saw all his ties hanging from the fan and our kitchen light, as my "streamers!" :)  He is the best husband ever!
 We then headed to Driggs with Noelle and Ryan and Nicole and Jon;  where we played on the trampoline, went hiking, had a fire with tin foil dinners, smore's, and cobbler.  They were all so delicious!

 Jon's dinner puffed up like crazy!
 It was such a wonderful birthday!  Thanks to family and friends who made it so fantastic!