Friday, March 30, 2012

Concentration and then some

So since our X-Box is being used a lot recently, I've noticed something... Look closely..
The concentration on their faces!! and... THE TONGUE!haha they both do it!!
Brad more so, but Connor will get it too occassionally.
and then some:
These two.... :) Oh we were all such little babies, ok maybe just Connor. haha :)
Going through my pictures I realized I have a lot of pictures of all of us running out in the rain together!! fun times :) Well these two have both received their mission calls!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!
Tori has been called to the San Antonio, Texas, Spanish speaking mission! I am going to miss her SO STINKIN BAD!! Not even a joke. No one laughs with me/at me as much as she does. She's always willing to do anything with me. (Let me do her make-up, music videos/random videos, put toilet paper on our heads, dress up... etc) In my eyes she's the funniest person I know! LOVE YOU TOPI!!!!
Connor has been called to the Germany, Frankfurt mission!! bah two German speaking brothers!! It's going to be awesome. Brad and I have had so much fun with Connor up here the past 2 semesters, playing with us almost every weekend. I'm so sad he's leaving!! Now what will we do on our weekends?! ;) Connie has been my favorite little brother. He looks like me, always quotes "stuart" clips with me, plays sports with me, likes most of the same music as me, he's cuddly, he makes fun of me, and tickles me! He's just SO AWESOME!!
I could post hundreds of pictures of these two!!! BAH!!!! I'm going to miss you guys so bad!!!! :( You will be great missionaries though. Congrats you two! xoxo

Friday, March 23, 2012

Arizona in March

We went down to Arizona for Noelle's wedding!!! :D The whole family was there and it was the best weekend ever!! So much fun to see everyone again and all the little children! Jen my wonderful photographic sister in law, let me play with her camera lenses all weekend!! So I didn't get any pictures of Bradley and I, but some of the brides, as well as the kids! :) So prepare for picture overload. Most of these were taken with her Macro lens, which was phenomenal!
This one reminds me of a princess just fixing her dress :)
Loved the boquet!
I love how he's so nonchalant about shooting the paintball gun, while eating a cupcake! :)She is just the cutest girl!
Love his bubba lips
You can see the spider web on the hoop! I love this lens!!
Tonka Truck (RAW)
Aloe Vera plant (RAW)
Close up of plant (RAW)
Old Wheelbarrow (RAW)
Pretty flower (RAW)
Getting instructions from Brad of how to shoot the gun
She stuck her hand in the paintball bag and her hand was all red, this is how she showed me her hand.


We celebrated our 2 year anniversary!! :D We went down to Idaho falls cause it was a beautiful 60 degrees outside and walked on the river pathway.
The idaho falls temple
We got scuba certified!! Which lasts for a whole lifetime! :) Can't wait to see what kind of adventures we can do now! :)
It snowed! This was one of the better snows of the year. Everytime it has snowed it has melted within the next 2-4 days. It has been AMAZING!!! Since it was warmin up, we decided we should enjoy the snow at least once.
Connor was over too
So we put on all our snow clothes
and we love each other!
and went outside into the beautiful snow and made a toilet. :)
Pinecones were a compliment of Connor :) jokes
This is my basil plant I've been growing!! EEEEE!! I'm so excited about it! It's now twice this size, at least! Gets better and better everyday. We treat it like our child by watering it, giving it sunshine during the day, and talking to it to give it CO2. :) Grow baby grow!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Valentine's Day

We had school as usual... After school though we took a fantastic nap! Which was wonderful!! My mom sent a package with some baggies of candy. So we enjoyed those afterwards! Inside were cherry m&m's and cherry filled kisses... We both realized those our one of our favorites ever!!
The day before I made these cupcakes. My red food coloring doesn't work... The bottom is suppose to be red, and I loaded a TON of it in, and that's as red as it would get. Just a little bit of pink and that's what happened to it though!! Ridiculous!
For dinner we made Roasted Red Pepper Pasta with green beans, five cheese texas toast, and Martinelli!
Still just as in love as ever!!! XoXo