Friday, August 3, 2012

Paramedic Pinning

Before we left I also GRADUATED!!! i.e. had our Paramedic Pinning!!  I didn't want to do the whole graduation thing.  But my program had our pinning which is being recognized for our hard work in the program, and that's what I care about!  The program was so focused on my class and our accomplishment.  It couldn't have been more perfect!!!  My class was the FIRST class to have every single person comlete it together, normally someone gets kicked out.  Go class!!! :)  The program consisted of a few words from my teachers, one of our students talked, had some awards, getting pinned and a video of pictures and video clips from our class and things we did.  It was AWESOME!!  Best graduation ever!!
Waiting for it to start:
 The Madison Fire Department performed the color of the guards, complete with Bag pipes and drums.
 This is someone in my class getting pinned.  The girl who was suppose to take pictures of me failed miserably!!!  grrrr!!!  I didn't know people couldn't work a camera, even after instruction by Brad... blah.  Brad was the one who pinned me. :)
 Here is my whole class!  All 25 of us... Spent 11 months together in the same classroom for multiple hours a day!  Such an awesome group!
 Here we are after the pinning. :)
Here I am with my two professors Brother Holley and Brother Lewis.  Best teachers of ALL time!!
 This is the back row gang.  We all sat on the back row the entire program and were good friends.  From left to right Stephen, Ricky i.e. Richard, Me, Levi, and Brandon.
 Here is my badge!!! :)  The 416 on the bottom is because I was the 416th person to complete the Paramedic Program since it's started at BYU-Idaho
 Also becuase I went on some flights with the flight crew they gave us our "First Flight" wings. :)  We were also pinned with our wings when we got our badge.
The Paramedic Program was the hardest most rewarding thing I've done!  I love having this knowledge and can't wait to incorporate it more into the field on my internship here in Atlanta. :)

Leaving the apartment

We started packing the first week in July.  I was a little anxious to get going and had some time, so I did it.  I think I did all of the packing actually... Yup pretty sure. :)
We saw this weird bright thing coming up by the water tower one night.  We kept watching and realized it was the MOON!  So pretty! :)

The last of my basil plant! 
 We started on the floor and ended it on the floor.

 Finally clean and emptied our apartment on the day we moved!! 
 Spinning in my wonderful kitchen
 We left and hung in Utah for an evening and then to COLORADO!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cliff Lake Camping

I forgot to blog about his but our last week in June, maybe first of July we went camping up at Cliff Lake, Montana with Noelle and Ryan and Nellie and Justin!!  It was SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!  On our way out there we ran into a little problem... an extremely flat tire!!!  We were driving on big rocks and somehow it got the best of our tire... 
So the boys put on the donut! :)

We were tricked by this sign and drove the wrong direction, so we made this sign for Ryan and Noelle who were coming a little after us to make sure they didn't get lost like we did.
Once we all got there Friday evening we had dinner with smore's and cobbler. Yum. :) 
The next morning we got up pretty early, cause who can really sleep in when they are camping?  It wasn't very comfortable....  Boys made the fire again and we ate breakfast.  I found this recipe on pinterest for baked oatmeal to go, we call them oatmeal bites.  (They are pretty healthy too depending what toppings you add.)  They were PERFECT for camping and filling.  Sat like a rock in your stomach, but we're camping and didn't care. 
Morning campfire

 After packing up we went on a hike that takes you up to area between the two lakes.  There were lots of fallen trees you could climb on and rocks.  :)
 Then we went swimming in the gorgeous lake!!  That water is really that blue, with soft white sand underneath.  It was basically freezing, but so worth it for this beautiful water!! :)
Then endured the long drive home...  Great weekend, Thanks guys!!