Friday, July 13, 2012

Babysitting in Utah

Last weekend we drove down to Utah to babysit Blake, Tyler, and Lacey for the day!  It was great practice and experience to see what it will be like to be parents.  Hats off to all you parents, it was a very busy, tiring day!  I was amazed with how much these kids ate all day long, so sorry if this post involves lots of our meals.  After cereal for breakfast we rolled them all up like burritos.  :)  Easier to manage when they can't move. :) haha. 
 Then after the process of getting them dressed we went to the park.  Tyler and Blake picked these flowers for Natalie, their mom, which got destroyed by the sprinklers. Sorry!  Tyler was so intent at looking at them though!
 In the slide
 After the park we came home and had some muffins and yogurt.  They called them daddy muffins, because I used a normal sized muffin tin, compared to a mini muffin tin.  Played some more and had lunch!  We made ham sandwiches with grapes/blueberries.  Then it was Lacey's nap time and the boys watched a movie.  Brad and I took a nap! :) Already tired from the day... haha.  After nap time was snack time again, this included more grapes/blueberries and bread.  Then we went to the splash pad just down the street.  It was getting close to dinner and based on all the previous snacks I figured they'd want more, so I grabbed a bag of carrots for them to snack on.  If you look closely at Blake's mouth you can tell how much they enjoyed the carrots. :)
They would not stop eating carrots!!  They'd run in the water, then want more carrots. They basically finished the bag.  They also rolled down this giant hill next to the splash pad and then would race back up it. 
 We came home and made hot dogs for dinner.  We bought a pack of 8 hot dogs, thinking that would be plenty for all of us... WRONG!  These kids inhaled hot dogs!!  They each ate 1 1/2 hot dogs pretty sure, and finished off ALL the blueberries, and yogurt.  They were still asking for hot dogs after we ran out, so they ate more bread. :)  Then we got ready for bed and picked up the toys and it was time for their reward.  SKITTLES!  Brad quizzed them from the day, or their favorite color, animal, aunt/uncle, before giving them their skittle.  Their favorite skittle flavors were Strawberry and chocolate. i.e. grape. :) 
It was an exhausting fun day!!  Thanks Matt and Nat for letting us come down and babysit, we had an awesome time with your kids! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth of July

Was an awesome day!  We woke up and packed....  Then went and played some tennis!  We tried couples tennis with Ryan and Noelle.  This is when I realized real tennis isn't very fun because there's rules and I'm not very good. :)  haha, still had fun with Noelle and Ryan, just not playing all the games of tennis!  We later went to warm slough to float the river. :)  It was the perfect little loop to float, only took about an hour. 
We got back to town and got Little Caesar's- crazy crusted- with Zap packs!
 It's our favorite ever!  We're oddly addicted to this cheap fantastic pizza. :)
 Then laid on our blanket under the trees and talked for-ever!  It was so relaxing and nice just to be with bradley.
 My little brother Connor just gave me his itouch, so we're loving having the games and camera handy wherever we go!

Then we played some frisbee in the park before heading home where I made Smore's Bars. :)  They turned out super delicious!  Then it was dark and we drove up to the Temple to enjoy a 360 degree firework show!  We could see fireworks in Rigby, hibbard, and Rexburg; some close and some far, it was awesome.  Love this country and our freedoms!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Goodbye Tori- Georgia

Georgia!!!  Such an amazing and fun finale with my sister before her mission!  It was jammed pack all weekend long!  I arrived Thursday night, after my flight was cancelled in SLC... so annoying.  Friday we woke up and went Golfing!
 We golfed over lunch time and got a little hungry.  The only snack we had were these little energy candies we found in my moms purse.  Little did we know after sucking on them and biting them they burst into foam!!  It was so weird, but provided a good laugh. :)

After golfing we went swimmin to cool off.  I can't even describe how sweaty we were... That night we went to the one and only:
 Then saw the movie Madagascar 3 and got some cold stone. :) 
SATURDAY morning we woke up at 6:15 to go watch the sunrise at this beautiful lake/river not even 10 minutes from our house.  I had no idea it was so close and it was SO beautiful!  
 They had swings lined up facing the water, so gorgeous.
Plus who wouldn't want to play on these toys?  They looked so cool!

Here comes the sun doo do doo do.
 Then we went on our last trail run together and drank chocolate milk before heading to the trampoline place.  Here is a video of Connor, he did the best at dunking. :)
 Then we did a session at the Atlanta Temple!  :)  So glad I could do a session with my sister!
 We got firehouse subs for dinner and some GiGi's cupcakes for dessert!  :)  Which we ate while watching the Track and Feild preliminary's for the Olympics!  CAN"T WAIT!!

Look at those giant leaves!!  Georgia is so green, I loved it!!  Anything here in Idaho looks SO dull compared to the green in georgia.  Everything is greener x10 there!
 Sunday we went to church where Tori gave a little talk, then we came home and made a fire to eat Smore's!  Yes in the blazing heat, but Tori wanted it so we did it! :)
 Dad made us do it on the driveway because he didn't want any of the trees in the back to catch on fire.
Later that night we ate Ben and Jerry's and watched a chick flick.  Another thing on Tori's bucket list before she left.

Monday morning we woke up early again to ride the Silver Comet Trail!  It's a paved trail that starts in Georgia and goes all the way to Alabama!
 We only rode 8 miles out to this bridge!  SO PRETTY!!  Then raced 8 miles back so we could play with Connor before he left for work.  We averaged 13 mph and we were so tired!!!
 Alas, we made it back in time and played some Tennis!
Went swimming (her last time!! ahh!!)
 Dad's prefect handstand
 Sister jump!
That night we went out to the cheesecake factory, we got these delicious avocado egg rolls!  If your going there, get these, they were phenomenal!
 Tori and I shared this delicious lemon chicken meal
 and of course Cheesecake!! :)
 Yay for sisters!!! Before dinner she was set apart as a missionary, so I got to be her companion until she left! 
 At the airport Tori's checked bag weighed too much so we had some last minute re-packing to do!
 Finally we arrived at her gate and her plane was boarding, luckily she wasn't boarding until the last zone so we got to sit together a little bit longer.  So while we're sitting there all three of us crying (Tori, my mom, and I) some guy walks over and sits down next to me.  I had my arms holding my knees so my wedding ring was showing btw.  So we're sitting there, no make up on, crying... and this guy pats me on the back and says "I just wanted to let you know that your really beautiful and I hope you cheer up.  Have a good day."  He then get's up and walks away... we all just looked at each other so confused.  I think I need a bigger ring ;) haha, we then just start laughing.  We decided he was put up to do it, a dare to talk to the most desperate hopeless looking person in the area.  I won. haha.  It cheered up my day and gave me something to laugh about instead of cry about though.  Now she's in the MTC and I'm averaging 2 letters on Dear Elder a day. :)  Hope she doens't mind a play by play of my day!  It's been hard not being able to text her, call her, or send her my random pictures!  She's always been my go-to for EVERYTHING!!  I miss you Topi!! Can't wait for next Christmas!!  Only 18 months to go! WOO!!


We went to Utah for a weekend to say goodbye to Naomi and a mini family reunion!  It was tons of fun!!  Went to the mountains for a lunch, and then to seven peaks for the afternoon.  Ate at amazing Zuppas, and on fathers day enjoyed taco salad before heading back.  It was short and sweet.  Missed all of you who weren't there!

 The boys took Blake, Tyler, and Lacey down the water slide too.  They all LOVED it!