Sunday, April 29, 2012

How do you fondue?

Wonderful Nicole did my hair this week!!  To get out the red, one of the first steps we did was a weave with bleach!  You can't really tell in the picture but the highlights were extremely blonde, almost white!!!  :)  Then we did an all over color...

Ta-da!!  Turned out fabulous!  It's back to my natural color-ish, just more golden!  I Love it so much!!!  All the colors looks great.  Thanks again Nicole!

Last night we had fondue with Nicole & Jon, Noelle & Ryan, Nellie & Justin!  We had the whole speel; cheese for dipping, and oil for cooking the meat, then chocolate for the goods!!   We had a lot of time yesterday so we decorated a little for the occassion.  Thanks for the lovely night guys!
 Today we went on a bike ride around all our favorite spots in Rexburg.  i.e. nature park and the canals, because we both like greenery and water. 
School has also started.  My LAST SEMESTER of classes!! (Internship this fall)  It's a very laid back semester, I feel like I have so much time now!  Still ambulance ride alongs, but not nearly as many tests as last semester.  Someone in my class added up our tests last semester.  A woppin 47 tests and 20 quizzes!!!  Does that seem like a lot?  Cause it was literally 3 a weekend!!!  So crazy...  Brad is loving his business classes!  Can't wait for warmer weather and more time outside!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Over our "spring break" we tried to go on a hike with Noelle and Ryan the Mesa falls.  While driving up there we got stopped about 4 miles away becuase snow was still blocking the road!! So we decided to park and walk as far as we had time for.  Thus making it to the lower falls...
 Here we are on the snow packed road.

On Sunday it was so nice out (75 degrees!!) we decided to go to the field and take a nap.  Which felt awesome, until the sun moved and we woke up extremely hot.  Still enjoyed just being outside though.  Noelle and Ryan even joined us for a bit to chat! :)

 The poor lonely pine cone
Brad wasn't in the mood for pictures, clearly.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend we went down to Utah for Nellie's wedding, which was AWESOME!!! We had a blast, and loved seeing family for another day! My little brother was also receiving his endownment in the Jordan River Temple! So here we are outside.
Connie and Mom at their first temple of their temple trip! They beat my record by getting 7 temples in 7 days!
Papi came in to town for 12 hours. So great to see him for a bit!
Connor in my Grandpa's military suit. (one of them)
Easter dinner
Once everyone woke up we had an Easter Egg hunt!!! :) It was awesome! I love doing easter egg hunts. My mom gave us each bags with one of the animals, shown below, in our bags. These animals are motion sensitive, so as we ran around looking for eggs our animals would be making their sounds. :) It was so funny. I found the most eggs, Brad found the least, so good thing we're married and we shared. :)
Mummy and I on Easter
watching Puss-n- Boots 3D
Connie and I at the Salt Lake Temple
Since we've been back we went shooting
Warning: picture may be kind of disgusting... We found this while walking around...
We've also been busy organizing, being lazy, getting little things done here and there. Seen family, played with Ryan and Noelle (SO GLAD they are back!! :) and just waiting for school to start. The break should have been longer!! :( It's my last semester though, can't wait!!