Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last week in AZ

So the last week in Arizona, Connor came to visit!! We had such a blast hanging out and swimming everyday!! :) Man could this boy prune!!! His hands looked so funny!!Brad doing his Gainer, the tricked he accomplished for the summer. I mastered the flip and a flip mc-twist! haha, I'm such a wimp.Connor attempting his backflip, which he did later!!We went out to watch a Pre-season Cardinals game against the Denver Broncos whom they obliterated!!!Brad and I at the game.Naomi came with us!! :) we had tons of fun yelling together, cause everyone knows boys can't scream. haha The last day in AZ happened to be BRAD'S BIRTHDAY!!!! We had to fit everything in that we needed to get done. We had Barro's pizza for lunch, delish!! Saw the Gilbert Temple frame, and got some of the best impressionist Gelato there is at Sweet angel. (Connor carved a "C")That night we had some of Dad's Tacos, and sang Happy Birthday! :) Later Brad's friends all came over and we had Pazookies and went night swimming, the Best! Happy 24th Birthday Bradley Juan!! :D I LOVE YOU! Of course a picture with GG, we love you!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rocky Point

We were so lucky to be invited to Rocky Point, Mexico with Jordan and Julie and some of there family to stay in the condo. There is basically nobody else at the condo so we had the ginormous pools all to ourselves!!! The condo was so so so so nice, it had awesome tanning beds as well as white mattresses with curtains around them that you could relax on. It was the perfect get away.

The first day we went and shopped around the main town. Stopped for lunch at this place for some great tacos!Also ate some Paletas which were divine!! Craving them all the time!
After some shopping we went to cool off at the beach.The boys went fishing, well at least tried, we always seemed to go at the wrong time. We were able to find lots of crabs in the rocks though.

One night we went out to the beach and collected shells, had a fire, and did some little fireworks.The next day we went back to town and bought some shrimp and flounder. We took that back to a restaurant and they cooked it up for us and added vegetables, gave us tortillas, rice, and beans, and there was the fabulous lunch!! We love Mexican food, so so good!
Other things to mention: we played games, watched movies, chit- chatted, went swimming lots and lots, and Brad and Jordan beat Steve and Bob in sand football. haha this is big news because Steve is super competitive, and he played football in college. So Steve thought he was all that an ANY thing they did, it was always some kind of competition. So beating him will go in the record books! :) Thank you Jordan and Julie, and family, the weekend was beyond description!

Cake Decorating

Over the 7 week break in Arizona, Naomi and I were forced to take a cake decorating class together. haha, jk, we wanted to and it was SO much fun!! The first week we did sugar cookies, but I lost the pictures... :( Second week we did a cake that had a cup cake on it and I lost the pictures... :( The third week we did cupcakes!!

The fourth week we had to desing our own cake using the techniques we had learned from the class. So I made this little guy, not sure what it is.Naomi made the awesome dinosaur.
Thanks for taking the class with me Naomi, I had SO much fun driving with you and decorating! Even though we were late every single time... haha