Sunday, October 21, 2012

Braves Game

For Brad's birthday we went to a Braves Game! We took the Marta down there together for the first time too. That was exciting. :) We had bought super bad seats cause they were only $4, but when we got there and started walking around looking for a spot to walk up one of the ushers asked where are seats were and looked at his tickets. So we showed them to him and he told us to go sit down in this section aisle 7, behind the guy with a red shirt on. Which was NO where close to where our actual seats were, but these ones were AWESOME!!! :) Thank you usher for making our night so wonderful!
 Brad was excited to see that Chipper Jones still played!!  He was his childhood imitation character growing up.
 Braves got a lot of strike outs, but sadly lost the game. :(
 Here everyone is doing the Tomahawk with their arm. :)  I love the energy at baseball games.
 Action shot
Brad fit right in with his hat! :)

 Goodbye Turner Field you were fun!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

North Carolina

We took off labor day weekend for Charlotte, NC to visit Garrett and Val!! :)   We stopped at a rest stop in SC and saw this beautiful lake and had to jump.  I love the carolina's their lakes are so pretty!
 Just to let you all know this is not an actual butt, this is a water tower, disguised as a peach.  We call it The Peach Butt.
 Charlotte was hosting the DNC in a few days and we randomly got stopped and asked a few questions.  I wanted to laugh so hard in this picture!! SO awkward!!
 Funny group shot
Val and I with the biker gang!  The cops were everywhere we went in Charlotte!!
Visited the cemetery, also I love the cemeteries down here!! So much bigger and non-traditional, to the West. 
They were my practice couple with my new lens. :) Thanks guys!
 Leaving rainy downtown!
 Sunday we had lunch at a local park.
 Found this cute critter.
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADLEY!!!  Celebrated that night with pazookies. :)
 Monday we went hiking by Kings Mountain.  Beautiful view!

 Thanks for such a great time garrett and Val!!  We miss you guys, can't wait to see you again!!  Now time to update my internship blog, which has been going FABULOUS!!  Here's the link to that I've only done 2 posts, so the next bunch will be coming soon!!

Recap on August

We played with connor for his last week before his mission!!  Eating, and doing whatever he wanted!
 Golfing at stone Mountain
  Mommy and I in our Red white and blue before she left for the RNC.
 Brad and I went walking at the local park.  So GORGEOUS!
 I love Georgia!
My uncle Dean, my moms brother, was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.  So for the surgery to remove the tumor he had to shave his head.  My mom and all her sisters decided to get bald caps to show their support for him, since all the guys were shaving their heads.  I think the pictures turned out awesome, and super funny!  You can read more about his story here .  They are an AMAZING family!!


Once school was done we packed up and left for Colorado!!!  We had such an amazing time with Bryan and Jen and the kids!!  THank you SO much you guys for such a wonderful week!! We are so glad we were able to make it out there for a week with them.  Pictures don't even show half of the fun we had!
Brad played Legos... In Carter's lego closet.  With Carter... sometimes?!
 We went up to Breckenridge and went on the husky ride.  The dogs pulled us in a golf cart basically, and it was so much fun!!  The dogs were SO pretty!!
 With our sled team
 At Garden of the Gods

 Brad got all parkour
Carter showed Addilyn his future driving skills. :)
  Another trip up in the mountains! :)
 Pres was trying to put a rock in her nose like Bradley... :)
 Best friends!  They are so cute.
Thanks again Bryan and Jen!! Miss you guys everyday!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Paramedic Pinning

Before we left I also GRADUATED!!! i.e. had our Paramedic Pinning!!  I didn't want to do the whole graduation thing.  But my program had our pinning which is being recognized for our hard work in the program, and that's what I care about!  The program was so focused on my class and our accomplishment.  It couldn't have been more perfect!!!  My class was the FIRST class to have every single person comlete it together, normally someone gets kicked out.  Go class!!! :)  The program consisted of a few words from my teachers, one of our students talked, had some awards, getting pinned and a video of pictures and video clips from our class and things we did.  It was AWESOME!!  Best graduation ever!!
Waiting for it to start:
 The Madison Fire Department performed the color of the guards, complete with Bag pipes and drums.
 This is someone in my class getting pinned.  The girl who was suppose to take pictures of me failed miserably!!!  grrrr!!!  I didn't know people couldn't work a camera, even after instruction by Brad... blah.  Brad was the one who pinned me. :)
 Here is my whole class!  All 25 of us... Spent 11 months together in the same classroom for multiple hours a day!  Such an awesome group!
 Here we are after the pinning. :)
Here I am with my two professors Brother Holley and Brother Lewis.  Best teachers of ALL time!!
 This is the back row gang.  We all sat on the back row the entire program and were good friends.  From left to right Stephen, Ricky i.e. Richard, Me, Levi, and Brandon.
 Here is my badge!!! :)  The 416 on the bottom is because I was the 416th person to complete the Paramedic Program since it's started at BYU-Idaho
 Also becuase I went on some flights with the flight crew they gave us our "First Flight" wings. :)  We were also pinned with our wings when we got our badge.
The Paramedic Program was the hardest most rewarding thing I've done!  I love having this knowledge and can't wait to incorporate it more into the field on my internship here in Atlanta. :)

Leaving the apartment

We started packing the first week in July.  I was a little anxious to get going and had some time, so I did it.  I think I did all of the packing actually... Yup pretty sure. :)
We saw this weird bright thing coming up by the water tower one night.  We kept watching and realized it was the MOON!  So pretty! :)

The last of my basil plant! 
 We started on the floor and ended it on the floor.

 Finally clean and emptied our apartment on the day we moved!! 
 Spinning in my wonderful kitchen
 We left and hung in Utah for an evening and then to COLORADO!!!