Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cruisin' Part 2

Grand Cayman Island!

This island was SWEET! We got our own private boat to take out to stingray city and 2 reef spots. Here we are at STINGRAY CITY Here I am holding the stingray. I LOVE these animals! It was so awesome and majestic to swim with them. Brad also got to hold it and we both fed them. There mouths were so weird. You'd put your hand down with the squid and they would come up and suck it out of your hand basically. If you didn't let go in time you would feel it's teeth! Brad and I weren't very good at feeding them, so basically everytime our fingers would get sucked in a little. It ws like touching a broad combed vacuum.The picture I got swimming with the stingrayThen we went on to a great barrier reef. Not THE great barrier reef, just one of them I guess. haha. Here we are getting into the water to explore some more.

I just think this one is so funny... I love seashells! So while out exploring Brad finds this beautiful Conch shell, too bad the snail was still inside. But I loved it, so I swam all the way back to the boat to ask if we could keep it somehow. The captain told me that there were TONS just aound the boat that were empty we could take. I took the one I had back out and dropped it down. As soon as I looked around there were seriously TONS of empty conch shells all over the sea floor!! I then looked for the prettiest pink I could find before diving down to retrieve it. I think everyone in my family grabbed at least two. This is the lobster the guide tried to grab for us. haha, he ended up ripping one of his antenna things off, but we got some great pictures of it! Thank you guide! :)Then we went to a second reef to swim. There were tons of fish, and more stingray! We had so much fun!! We also got to jump off our boat.
Then we headed back to the boat to celebrate the New Year!
At dinner we asked for some kind of sparkling cider, as long as it was alcohol free... this is what we got, twas very interesting.
Took some fancy pictures before we changed and got comfortable for the night.
After we changed we noticed that Brad and my dad sorta matched, so we snuck the picture! hahaTo celebrate we went to the Royal Promenade. This place was packed full from end to end! We found our spot under the balloon drop and waited.

Look at all the wine classes!
There were tons of people, and it was extremely hot. One of the highlihgts was I witnessed my first fight! We danced and talked till the balloon drop!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Woke up in Cozumel


We went on a tour of Mayan ruins on four wheelers, then to a beach to wash off and snorkel. I'm in front as always for these trips! :) This was a Mayan watering hole?! Supposedly it was 60 feet deep and connected to other watering holes in the area. We also saw a Mayan cave, where they would camp under to stay out of the rain.

And the lovely Navigator of the Sea! Oh, how we miss you!! After perusing the shops we got back on the boat. The last day was a day at sea. We played more family games, watched the ice dancing show, watched a chef carve some ice, and enjoyed all the wonderful food we could get our hands on! We loved being with the family and miss them, the beatiful water, and boat life oh so much! Till next time!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cruisin' Part 1

Monday December 27th we got up early and left for Daytona Beach Florida!!! :D My old stomping grounds from 2 years ago with my friends. I missed them dearly, but it was great to have the family!
My friends Addison, Brittany, and Alyssa

Ah, Beautiful Daytona!! Love love Love!! The Next morning we finished the drive to Fort Lauderdale. We raced through check- in and explored the levels of the boat. Then enjoyed a nice sway from the waves that night as we ate dinner and went to bed. :) We woke up in the Bahamas
Day 1- Coco Cay, Bahamas

A private Island the cruise line uses

On the boat ride over

Super excited to get to shore

First thing we did was set up our spot and went out into the water! We had to walk through a bunch of short seeweed to get to a sand bar where lots of people were exploring the water. (Brad and Garrett both stepped on some type of sea urchin and got some kind of needle's in their foot. :( poor guys, they are currently still in his foot.) The sand bar was about 100+ yards. off shore and the water only went up to your knees for a LONG time. Along the edges of the sand bar and the seeweed there was a lot of sea life. We all got empty snail shells that are beautiful and pink inside! Some of them still had the snails in them, some had crabs. We also found a giant star fish, a couple baby star fish, some random animals that we don't know what they were, a baby lobster, a sea cucumber, a sting ray, lots of fish, and 4 small sharks!!! (Brad saw them all) I was so excited when I saw the first baby shark. My mom pointed it out and I started running towards it to get a closer look! I couldn't believe there was an actual shark! Later Brad went back into the water with goggle's and saw three more. My mom and I ran out when he saw them and we got to see 2 of them, only 5 ft. away! It was amazing! Sharks are still my biggest fear, but these were only babies and the water was only up to my knees. I figured I could take it out if it attacked.
Took some lovey dovey pictures with my love!Played Leap Frog
Connor and Brad dug a tunnel, then Brad volunteered to be buried in it!
Loved the sand some moreFormal Night So to be a part of the family you have to try escargot. Brad and Valerie officially joined! They didn't think it was too bad either!Enjoying the night!Day 2- at Sea
Played family competition games
Watched the Belly Flop competition- this is the first guy, he should have won.

Went rock climbing, 200 ft. above sea levelDinner was excellent that night cause mom got 3 meals! haha, and we got 2 desserts each! The food was so good! Babu (our head waiter) was always very helpful. If you couldn't make up your mind he'd bring you both, or all three. :) (Mummy had help in finishing her meals too)
Creme Brulee, and the Chocolate trio!
This post is super long, so that's all till next time!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas in the A-T-L

We headed out December 18, for the A-T-L!!! For the first week only Tori, Brad, and me were home. We baked, ate delicious food, I went on an ambulance ride, tried dipping chocolates, Tori and I tried to make dresses(still in the process of bein made), played games, sang songs, shopped, and enjoyed each other's company!
We played Rock Band

Went shooting

With the M-16and the 22- PistolThis was Christmas Eve, after we opened our Christmas Eve Pajamas!The Kids all match now! :)Georgia received it's first snow on Christmas since 1882!!!!

I must say that Bradley is SUCH a stud now!! We found the perfect store for him, H&M! European styled clothes that seem to be more fitting for tall/skinny guys. He got jeans that FIT, and some great shirts that make him look older and better! :) Hard to imagine he can get even more hot! haha

Brad in his PoloIs that the ocean behind us? Why yes it is, cause as soon as Garrett and Valerie got into town we headed down to my favorite place in the world!! FLORIDA! But we didn't stop there, we were blessed enough to go on a Christmas Cruise. Pictures to come soon...