Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ambulance ride along

So I want to keep track of some of my ambulance calls that I go on, becuase they are awesome, and good learning experiences for me. I'm not sure if I want to start a new blog for those, or just post them on here... I'm still undecided, so for now they will be on here. (Might be gruesome for some?!) I'm not going to go into full detail of what everything is or why we did something, but if you have questions please ask!

Call to: Car Accident

Some lady had been hit from behind turning out of Walmart. She had hit her head on the steering wheel. When we got there she had some old shirt that she was holding on her forehead that had a lot of blood on it. When we took the shirt off her face had a ton of dried blood, and some fresh gooey blood all over! We got her into the back of the ambulance and I just worked on cleaning her face. She had two big cuts on her forehead. One over each eyebrow, both were pretty deep, but only an inch long. We just took her to the hospital, nothing we could do, but it's always fun to see some blood.

Call to: Fainting in Car

We pull up to this lady who is pulled over in a Home Depot. She had a history of Atrial Fibrillation. She had been driving and almost passing out while on the road. So she pulled over and tried to hold her breathe/bear down. Which usually calms a person enough who has atrial fibrillation or any kind of tachycardia, but this time it wasn't working. She continued to feel faint and a little nauseous. When we got there the medic could feel her pulse at about 160. (average is 60-100) In the ambulance we got her hooked up to our monitor with a 3 lead and BP. Her Rhythm was SVT and blood pressure was about 177/90, high for her.

Immediately the medic says to start an IV in the AC, which I got to do. The other medic got the Adenosine out, which slows the heart. So we push that and just stare at the monitor. This drug is so cool to watch, becuase normally it slows the HR to a flat line on the monitor and then starts the heart again just at a more reasonable rate. Well she was tachy'n at 190 when we pushed the drug. Her rhythm got wider and wider and slowed to about 130. She got super pale and said her chest hurt, and she didn't like the feeling, felt like she was going to pass out. She started coming back though and her HR went up to 214!!! So a normal person's maximum heart rate, they say, is 220- their age. She was about 55, so her max was around 170, and she was at 214! NOT GOOD!! The medic calls for the Valium, to sedate her to cardiovert her. Once he says that she says she has been cardioverted twice before!! umm RED FLAG, now we were plannig to shock her. We applied the Defib pads, and she asks us to please not to shock her, becuase her doctor doesn't want her to be shocked again. I guess she had some other heart problem that doesn't respond well to it. So we had it as our back up if our next dose of Adenosine wouldn't work. We each got a vial of adenosine and on the count of three pushed it in, as we pulled up to the hospital. So we brought her in and the nurses got her hooked up to their machines. We stayed a bit just to see if they were going to shock her, or if our last dose of the drug had worked. The pulse came up as 110!! It worked!! I felt like we had saved her, just a little bit... she was on the brink in the ambulance a couple times of almost coding. I'm so grateful I'm learning this knowledge and can see it all being applied! SO COOL!

Call to: Headache

This call came about 30 minutes before I was leaving, so at first I was thinking stupid lame-o call! Some person has a headache and wants to go to the hospital... So we get to this ladies house and she's curled up on the couch. She was released from the hospital yesterday... So we decided to just transport in. Once in the ambulance the medic tells her we're going to start an IV. We start looking over her arms, but she only has a few baby veins. She starts pointing at her neck and groaning. I was just confused, I told her we we're trying to help her with her pain (which was around her neck). But she was trying to tell us that she had her IV there yesterday, because the nurses couldn't get one in her arm either. The medic looks at me and says, "well, wanna do it?" I smile and say I would LOVE to!! :) So he shows be how to do it and I poke her, SUCCESS!! :) In class we call it an EJ, cause it's in the external jugular vein. So I got my first EJ!! This is what the vein looked like. mmmm... Juicy!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Activities from Savannah to Washington's House

On a late night in Savannah Georgia we went on a GHOST TOUR! We walked around to all these "haunted" places. Heard stories about them and took pictures to see if we could "see" anything. Sadly it wasn't as spooky as we were hoping for. It was still cool to hear the scary stories associated with all the houses and spots we went to. This house was one of the places we were looking for something.. haha.

We also went out to Tybee Island and rented bikes! Single bikes and 2 tandem bikes! We rode on the beach all the way down to the lighthouse. While enjoying the beautiful weather! We loved how warm it was!
Swang on the beach chairs. :)
Boys fed the seagulls and black birds... the black birds would come and snatch it right out of their hands! The seagulls were always too scared, but would get close!

Yay Lighthouse!!
My dad using his super power!!!

Must always have a jumping picture.

Went Bowling... Brad's game face!
My game face... I was J-Woww! haha, hence the "W"
We drove up to Virginia once we finished our days in savannah. In Richmond, Virginia we visited Thomas Jeffersons house. His house was my favorite out of all the houses we saw. He had so many little things around his house that made it so cool.
Tori and I were roommates again!! So we resorted back to old habits of playing on our bed. :) We were trying to get our legs up at the same time, but I think we were too scared to hit each other.
The next day we drove to Washington DC to see George Washington's house! He had a fantastic view and this adorable carraige! I would love to stroll around in this!

This was the dock created in more recent years, but he had a path down to the river back in the day.

This was my favorite... called the Necessary! Read the description below! :) Definately Necessary!! These were located outside of the house.

George Washington was buried just down from his house. What a special place! This is his grave... such an amazing man!!Here is the back of his house. So quaint.With the Potomac river as his view! and my adorable parents! :)

They had a camel!! :) Around Christmas time they would bring camels in... I can't remember why, but they had the whole house decorated as if it was Christmas at the house. His name was Aladdin! So cute :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Savannah Georgia

The day after Christmas we started our drive up the Coast in Savannah, Georgia. Savannah was B-E-A-Utiful! It's a very historic city with about 25 squares throughout the city. So we spent one day just walking some of the squares. All the squares had amazing trees and some monument in the middle.We also went to this fun kitchen shop, this was my favorite item. The dude as a knife holder... haha. Probably wouldn't own it, but a cool idea. We walked around Forsyth park. This fountain was the main center of the park.

Surrounding Forsyth park were cute vintage houses.This is the house that General Sherman stayed in when he came down to the south.This is the view from the top of our hotel. The bridge led you right into South Carolina.
We took a drive around Bonaventure cemetery. Lots of old-old graves. This particular one was of litle Gracie. The artist sculpted her after she was dead from a photograph and then put this life size sculpture on her grave. She died when she was just about 6, from Pneumonia.There were some big tombs, like in Phantom of the opera. You could look through the stained glass and see a couple cement coffins with writing on them. Spooky!! Ahhhhh, just look at those trees!!! Love it!!We walked past this balcony many times... how funny! :)More to come from our vaca. soon!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Atlanta Christmas

Pictures are kind of scattered, but that's how it is... sorry! We went to Atlanta for Christmas again this year. Last year with Tori and Connor home!! CRAZY! So here's a quick catch up of our first week in Atlanta. We went to the Atlanta Temple... Had a Charley Brown Christmas Tree this year. :) Drooled over my mom's decorations

Wore my favorite Christmas shirt made by Tori! :) The front says "All I want for Christmas is You" which is our favorite song, duh... The back says "Naughty Snow" inside joke. We really know how to brush our teeth.
Got our last Santa picture EVER in our new Christmas pajamas! We've had Santa pictures every year since I was about 2. It's my favorite book to look through and see how we've changed every year...We had dinner at the delicious Five Guys...

We also went on a tour of a Jewish Synagoge, the guys were asked to where a yamaka. Fits Brad pretty well! ;) Christmas Eve the girls + my dad did a run on some trails... We wrapped the presents... and I got to play with Tori's hair for her future wedding.

The boys made and decorated the gingerbread house. It was the house of the sour patch kids, and the gummy bears were taking over! With toothpicks and torches. (real matches) haha It turned out awesome for about 15 seconds when all the marching gummy bears had flames!

The girls made the delicious desserts... Fudge, Sugar cookies, peanut butter cups, and Oreo truffles.
Christmas Eve party on the couch...
Christmas Day we went to church, had a present scavenger hunt, opened presents, mozzied around, ate delicious Christmas Ham and Rolls!! (First time they actually turned out close to how they are suppose to.) We also played Bananagrams (Thanks Naomi:), and watched Elf. Fantastic Christmas! (Brad lost in Bananagrams in this picture, poor boy)
I also found Ginger Beer at a local market, from Canada! We've been looking for some authentic Ginger Beer, that would match what Brad had on his mission. So when I saw that this was from Canada I had to get it for him!