Friday, June 25, 2010

The Itsy Bitsy Spider...

Northwest Arkansas has way too many spiders for me!! They are everywhere! Thank goodness I don't have any stories like last time, but we have finally reached 30 spiders in our apartment. Number 29 being a Brown Recluse on our bedroom door!We consider it a blessing that we saw this one before it got anywhere. Their bites can be pretty vicious, just google some. Warning they are gross. Whenever I walk under the apartment upper floor covering or around the apt. clubhouse I always look for spiders because there are a bunch of webs and old things. Typically a lot of spiders as well. So one day while checking the mail Brad and I saw a spider with huge legs!!Crazy, huh? I've never seen one like that before. After checking our mail we turn around and continue scanning the other sides of the covering only to find 2 more spiders fighting each other.
It was very entertaining to watch. They would raise their front legs and try to hit each other, or stab? This is the most common spider I've seen around our apartment as well. Disgusting!
Besides all the spiders we are enjoying Arkansas, and keep finding new adventures to occupy our free time. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


The most recent craft I did was inspired by my father and one of his wise teachings. My dad has always taught us how to spend our money wisely, how to save, and how to keep track of our spending. He tried to get us to use his Quicken program in High School so we'd have some idea of how we spent our money, but I never cared for that. In college I attempted to keep track of it on an excel spreadsheet he made. Now that I'm married I can see how important it is to keep track of all our spending. Especially since we have to use our receipts in the future. My dad has kept ALL of his receipts in envelopes labeled with the month and year. (Maybe not all, but I'm pretty sure he has most of them) Brad and I have kept most of our receipts and try to use Excel to keep track of spending a little. All the receipts kept piling up in our drawer though, so finally I took my dad's idea of the envelopes! I just gave them a little sugar and spice. :)B-E-A-UTIFUL! haha, well they get the job done at least. Now all are receipts are organized from the first of the month to the last! Thanks for all your lessons of knowledge Papi, I'm so grateful I know how to save and keep track of my money. You've been a great example and I hope we can pattern our lives after what you have taught me. Happy Fathers Day Papi! :)


I actually had a great idea the other day while browsing in Walmart! We needed magnets for our fridge, but all the designed magnets that Walmart had were ugly and too expensive for me. So I looked at the craft area for just some general magnets and there I found a pack of 50 round magnets! After looking at some other craft things, I figured out I could put stickers on the magnets to decorate them, then use them on the fridge! This is what I created:

Great idea?! I'm not very creative so I was proud when I had this idea! I also have letter stickers that fit perfectly on them, but were waiting till we get to Idaho to do those ones. Also on my crafty streak, my momma W, sent me a craft! I was able to complete this on a Saturday while Brad was at work.Thank you Momma W, it was so much fun to make, and now it looks beautiful! We just have to hang it up! :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last night Bradley and I were heading to Walmart for a quick check on some coupon deals I heard about. I was driving because I was so excited about these deals. We were heading out of our apartment complex as usual, glad to be together, and slowly turned onto the freeway. I started accellerating when in the middle of the road I saw something. It registered that it was an animal, so I turned to the left so it would hopefully go under the middle of our car, but at the same time it registered that it was an armadillo!! Being in Arkansas I've wanted to see an armadillo, and here it was straight in front of me. So I started screaming because I wasn't really sure what to do. We kind of missed it but still heard the clunk clunk clunk as we went over it... I was in shock that I had actually hit an armadillo!!! The one animal I've been wanting to see ALIVE, I had just hit. Brad started laughing and said "you hit an armadillo!" and continued laughing. I screamed for about the next minute I was so shocked! Then once Brad stopped laughing we talked about the experience until we finally reached Walmart. We checked the car and there were no guts. I guess apparently Armadillos jump when they are scared. So we think he went under the middle of our car and jumped then therefore killing himself, and it wasn't my fault. :) I still feel bad about it though, and Brad gives me a bad time; of course. :) He even added the armadillo family in our prayer. So armadillo family, I'm sorry I went over one of your family members, just know it was an accident!

(Not the actual Armadillo)