Sunday, November 7, 2010

Peek- A- Boo

Halloween weekend was fantastic! Lots of candy and doughnuts, woo! We went to our ward activity dressed up, Brad was a Baller, and I was a football player. We carved a lot of pumpkins! The Bishop of our ward brought a TON of pumpkins and gave them all away for free!! So we took four of them to carve. :) We stayed up super late working on them.
Brad's are the one's on the ends, lots of detail and intricate carving! Mine were simple and cute :) We don't have pumpkin knives so we used our kitchen knives, which were bigger than normal this made it a little difficult.
Maegan and Jeff from our ward came over and we made caramel apples, which were DeLiCiOuS!
We also made ghosts with them.
The weekend was so much fun, we played lots of games and got to hang with friends. I also participated in the primary program on Sunday. The primary in our ward has one kid, so they asked the ward to join in the choir. I love primary songs so I was more than willing to join. I also decided that I would buy decorations after the season was over. So I went out this weekend and got a few cute decorations for halloween all half off! Can't wait for next year! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Wanna Be a Cowboy Baby

One wonderful Sunday we went out to this Shooting range place that is decorated like an old Western Themed town. I'd been there once before, but wanted to see it again, so we went and explored EVERYTHING! Any door unlocked, any box that would open, anything we could touch was explored. One of the buildings had western dresses in it, I wanted to bust open the window and put on a dress and go play in the town with my cowboy on all the different features of the town. This blog will be heavily populated with pictures because I love them and want to share some of the little details.
The Caboose

The horsey that would actually move about a foot. We wanted to break the chain so the horse could roll down the track!

Brad fulfilling his dream of being Jim Craig, Man From Snowy River

Brad is much more creative than I am

Prison cellar

The post office had fake letters too!!

Inside the Mercantile shop

Two of the buildings and what the scenery looked likeIt was really nice visiting and playing cowboy/cowgirl, but we decided we like the city life better.

Cave Falls

Oh, Beautiful Fall!! Full of orange, yellow, and reds! This fall has been SO warm compared to normal Fall's here in Rexburg, I am so grateful!! It seems like October came and went so fast, but at the same time it seems like October was so long. Were glad it's now November, only 3 weeks till Thanksgiving! and Seven weeks till were home for Christmas!! YAY!
One of my favorite fall meals is Creamy Potato soup in Bread bowls. Broulim's had these cute pumpkin bread bowls when I went, I was so excited! :D They were so cute.
Brad and I went out to Cave Falls. We loved the dirt road drive out there in the truck, loved seeing the fall trees and we ran into some cows! Just minding their own business walking in the middle of the road.

We took a lot of goofy pictures with the little waterfall, threw lots of rocks into the river, and balanced on the log. We're Pro's. haha. It was a nice fall day get away! :)