Monday, October 18, 2010


We had Nellie and Noelle over for dinner on Thursday so I finally got the apartment cleaned up to tip top shape! :) In Spanish class we just learned how to say the rooms of the house, so I will say them in spanish para practicar.
La Cocina= Kitchen

El Comedor= Dining room, con las flores de Bradley para nuestros siete meses! :D ay yi yi!!
La Sala= Living room
Minor detail you couldn't see, but I LOVE!With some of my sea shells from Florida!

La Alcoba= Bedroom, this is the most plain room, this and 2 plastic dressers on the floor! :) woo!
El Bano= The BathroomMinor detail: I love W's now! So much prettier to sign my name with a "W" than an "I." Try writing an "I" in cursive, it's almost impossible to try and make it look decent.

Our view in the mornings
The table set:
We are so blessed to have received such wonderful wedding gifts to make such a wonderful apartment! Thank you to all!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Highs and Lows

Our car must have something against us, we just get so unlucky. Driving down to utah for conference, we had just passed Salt Lake and accidently got in a fender bender. The car in front of us slammed on their brakes, but that didn't give us enough time to stop our car, so boom. We were lucky my cousin Dave stopped to help us tie some things down and we were able to drive it all weekend. We are so blessed that no one was injured, and both cars weren't severely damaged, maybe ours classifies as severe, since it's now in the shop for a week! BUT we got a sweet new ride in the mean time. :)
Yes, I got Bradley a TRUCK!!! They offered us an Impala, but I figured since we hit an Impala we didn't have good luck with them. I have LOVED driving this big thing, and I know Brad has also. :) Conference was a blast, I got to see lots of my extended family, and we had Plaza seats at a session!
This was the closest I had been and it was Awesome!! Loved the whole weekend! After Priesthood session Saturday night, we got together with a bunch of Brad's friends from Arizona!! There was Jordan, Madison, Dallin, Max, Sean, Ben, Joey, Nick, and Mark. We had SO MUCH FUN!! These boys are so HILARIOUS!! We stayed up till about 3 playing games, watching old homemade movies, talking about the ridiculous things they did growing up... laughing, laughing, laughing. It was sad to see everyone depart, but that just gets us more excited for when everyone can meet up again.
At conference on Sunday the cutest boy there (besides Bradley) was this little guy.Haha, he was so stinking cute, he reminded me of the grinch as a baby. He was playing in the fountain splashing anyone close to him, laying his legs on the ledge. He was quiet entertaining. :) Idaho is swell. Our church calling is the Physical Facility Representatives, i.e.- we clean the church. :) This also means we get the key to go play basketball and piano! Hoorah! We only have to clean every 3rd month, so it's not a big deal. Our apartment is almost put away, I just need to clean it to finally take some pictures, so my bad!