Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break

Last week was our "Spring Break." Just a week off between semesters, not really enough time to travel anywhere. We did make it down to Utah for a change of scenery.

We saw one of my Best friends, Sexy Lexy and her husband Brandon!! She was my first roommate ever and so amazing!! After leaving her place I realized it would probably be the last time I'd see her for a long time! Sad :( Even though we didn't see them often, I'll miss her. They are lucky enough to be leaving school to Houston! We went to Salt Lake Temple! SO AMAZING!!! Definately one of my favorites!!!
Salt lake was beautiful with flowers blooming, green grass, and the popcorn trees!! That's what we called these at my house in Washington at least. LOVE them! We window shopped at the Gateway, where I stole his hat to block the sun. He looks much better in it tho... mmmmm, sexy!"A" for Atlanta, and Arizona!! :) Once back in Idaho we did a deep spring clean on our apartment, it was so nice and I think our apartment is still **sparkling**! :) Then Brad's mom came up with Noelle and Nellie!! Yay family again!! :) It was nice to spend a day with his mom, but she left us too soon sadly.

Classes started today, Brad is currently in Chemistry!! He's going to whoop that classes butt and send it all the way to Africa!! haha. I'm so excited for one of my classes, FIRE FIGHTING!! :) It starts tonight and we get gear and do fire men work outs! I can't wait!!! :D Also super excited about this:Who doesn't get excited about Disney? They just came out with this new race! Sadly I'll be busy in school when it happens, but I love RunDisney. They are the best way to do 1/2 marathons, so entertaining! The Princesses and Princes line the road, you get pictures with them, you run through/around the castle, and Disney facts on the long stretches. The BEST! Can't wait till Disneyland this September!! :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hair, buh bye

A couple weeks ago we found out that our nephew Carter, 5 years old, has Leukemia. This news hit Bradley pretty hard, Carter was the first nephew and they've always had a special thing together. (Carter's middle name is Bradley) It was only a few days later when everything was confirmed about the Leukemia that Brad was going to shave his head when Carter lost his hair. That day has come!!! We shaved it off this afternoon with Carter and family on skype. So here's the before and afters!

Before During- having fun with shaving all the hairAfterWe've now decided he looks like an NBA basketball player, Gortat!! Minus a foot in height and 100 lbs of muscle :)Brad attempting to be serious... I volunteered to help for this one even tho we look nothing alike... haha We love you Carter and your new do!!! We're glad Brad can share it with you. We're always thinking of you and praying. To read his story go here.