Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Out and About

The first of February the Rexburg temple was closed so we went to Idaho Falls with our friends; the Shoemakers! This makes temple #10

My Friend Sara and I went to the Coco bean the other day too! It was my first time since I've been living here!! I got the "Better than Whatever" and it was DELICIOUS! Too bad my husband isn't a fan of frosting...

Valentine's Day

I LOVE BRADLEY JOHN!!! This year was our first Valentine's being married, AND together! Last year I was here:
On top of the Empire State Building, waiting for him to show up just like in Sleepless in Seattle. He never showed up...
This year he redeemed himself, he is seriously so amazing, fun, awesome, and everything else!!! Valentine's Day was actually really busy and hectic, I had school and work till 3, then Brad had class at 5-7. So We didn't get to enjoy each other's company until that evening, but it was wonderful! I made a fancy dinner, haha, if you can call it that. For Dessert we had Brownie Cake. We went out to drop off some Valentine's to some friends. (Jeremy... cough, cough :)) and used our free Redbox code to get a movie.
This was the wonderful dinner- Penne Rustica (Thanks Jess), breadsticks, Salad, and Raspberry Shirley Temples! :)
Hot Fudge Brownie Cake, put under ice cream and some fudge on top!Bradley got me these lovely flowers! My favorite! Still sitting here enjoying the smell. :)Can't wait for many more Valentine's Day's to come! Love you Bradley!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


January was a busy busy month! We're both back in school, with pretty full schedule's. This semester is a lot of business classes for me. They are pretty tough, just cause I'm not a business thinker. My hardest is definately accounting!! Blah! Worst class ever, how people like it I will never know...
Something I accomplished this month was taking my NREMT test (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) I had taken the practical test (hands on stuff) in December before the end of the semester. But had to wait to take this in January, which I did in 71 questions!! The test is on a computer and will give you 70-150 questions depending how well you do throughout the test. So when it shut off at 71 I knew I had either aced it or failed it. SO glad I aced it! Now I'm OFFICIAL! :DLast weekend we went down to Utah to have one last hoorah with my cousin Molly. Brad got to go snowboarding with Dallin and Nick, while I partied with Molly. :) We went to costco (my favorite store!), played games, celebrated her birthday, and talked with lots of family. Brad got to meet a lot of my cousins I grew up playing with. He had a great time meeting them as well. We didn't do much, but we always have a blast together, so I loved it!! Molly is now in the Provo MTC, soon to be going to Richmond, Virginia, Spanish speaking! I'm so excited for her, but sad I don't get to see her for 18 months!!! :( Love you Molly!February has a lot more in store, and it's a short month! YAY!! Cause I'm double excited for March and warmer weather!! (hopefully)