Saturday, July 30, 2011


First week in Arizona was a partay!! Nellie and Noelle were here to play with me, and we did SO much! :) Swam EVERY day, tye dye shirts, karaoke, shopping, make yummy food, then eat the yummy food, saw Harry Potter, slept on the tramp, scorpion hunting, watched family movies, played games, talked, and PARTIED!!

Awesome shopping...It was pouring rain one night so we went running through the streets and as we ran all these friends ran out and joined us!! It was like a musical, haha, so fun!! Then everyone came back and we jumped in the pool. :)

I find it so fascinating that scorpions glow like this. We go out with a UV light and search all the walls and bam! There they are glowing! Karaoke Night

Yay for swimming!!Miss you Noelle and Nellie!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Film Festival and Other Great News

Ben had the genius idea to do a Wyeth Family Film Festival!! So we made our movie yesterday and it's up now. We've loved watching everyone's videos!! SO CUTE and we MISS YOU ALL!!!

Even though this is past news, for my journals sake I'm mentioning it again. I got ACCEPTED to the Paramedic Program!!! I am SO Excited to start this Fall!!! :D Hospital clinicals, ambulance rides, IVs, EKGs, intubations, and the list goes on!! I'm so stoked, plus that means only 3 semesters of my college life left!! HOORAH!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Connor Ray


Connor has always been such a cute little brother. Garrett left him when he was 13, leaving Connor home with 2 older sisters... maybe that's why he's more affectionate? who knows, but I LOVE HIM!! Connor and me have this joke that we are twins, because HE looks like ME. haha :)

Summer 2007haha look at him!! Such a cutie patootie!!Summer 2008Summer 2009 Summer 2010
He's taller than me now! Supposedly he's taller than my dad, we'll have to see in September! Connie has always been such a trooper putting up with us picking on him and being the little squirt. :) Connie has also set such an example for me of how to be happy and an obedient person. I know if I had moved my junior year of high school to a place where I was the minority in school, and no one at home, I probably would have ran away. :) I don't know how you did it Connie, but you're SO AWESOME!!!
Things I love about Connor

  • He has the most squinty eyes in the family

  • His 3 moles on his chest that line up like O'Rions Belt

  • Also the mole under his right eye, just like mine

  • He looks like me

  • He always makes me laugh/ smile

  • He'll comfort me whenever I'm sad

  • He's never had braces (Lucky)

  • He can do all the math for board games super fast

  • He always hugs me

Happy 18th Birthday Connor!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Weekend

For the three day weekend we left for Pullman, Washington to see Garrett, Valerie, and Tori!! This weekend was SO MUCH FUN!! I wish we all lived closer... someday maybe. I don't even have HALF of the pictures/movies, so this is just a snippet of what went on. It was a decent drive with beautiful rolling hills. When we got there we played Nintendo Kinect, which was awesome!! We got ridiculous photos and videos. We played on Garrett's Mac and made some more awesome videos! Watched some old high school videos Garrett has made, watched some OC, and talked and laughed all night! The next day we woke up and got ready to go to Wawawai Park. There we had some sausage dogs, played frisbee, killed multiple spiders (BAM! BAM! BAM!), played more frisbee, took pictures, and finally cliff jumping! While we were there I was able to play with Tori's hair on various occassions. I LOVE her hair, it's so pretty and silky all the time!! Lucky duck. Tori jumping off the 25-30 ft. cliff. (That was our guess.)
Brad's jump My jump, I was trying a karate kick thing
Garrett Valerie!! Everybody
That night we had some Delicious Chinese food!! Ah it was SO GOOD!! Sunday we had church, some scrumptious dinner, divine peanut butter oatmeal cookies, and walked around WSU campus. Their campus was beautiful, we also got to run/jump on their football field! So fun to have a real sports team! (Another highlight of the weekend: WEARING SHORTS!! BOOM BABY!!!) Monday we soaked up some more sun at Hamilton Low water park in Moscow Idaho. They had Fumbrellas, 2 water slides, and a diving board.

Tori karate chopping a fly. (Awesome fumbrella! haha)
This is called a Frog Dive, I learned it from a drunk man in Korea... It's legit, from this you dive into the water.
Brad and Garrett enjoyed throwing themselves off of the diving board. :)
haha it was fun to watch.
After the pool and getting clean, we went to one of my favorite Burrito spots in WA; Taco Del Mar!!! :) We arrived at Sunnyside park well in advance to claim our spot on the grass. We occupied our time by playing the card game Ligretto, people watching, talking, and checking the time constantly.
We love you guys and miss you all SO MUCH!!!
Finally at 10 o'clock we enjoyed the firework show!! They launched off a top of the hill in front of us, it seemed like they were right above our heads though and that the debris was going to fall on us. It was an awesome show!!
After the show we went back to eat Cookies and launch our own little fireworks. We had some bottle rockets from last year we set off. A lot of them were duds, causing us to get kind of comfortable with them. I tried holding one as it went off, but sparks started flying and it fell right in front of me, something sparkly was in my hair, I was screaming and it was loud. Luckily nothing happened, and I haven't found any burned hair yet! Brad and Garrett then implanted some fireworks into a toy pony head that we found by the dumpster. That poor little pony... destroyed! Thank you so much Garrett and Valerie for letting us stay at your place and taking care of us!! We're so glad you could make it too Tori, and the rest of the family- we missed you! We could have spent a whole nother week there!! haha, it was just so much fun and there is so much more we could do! :)