Saturday, June 25, 2011

Goody Gum Drops

Good news, we've only had 3 spiders in our apartment this Spring!!! :) This one happened to be a Hobo spider... blah, the cousin of the brown recluse.

A teacher from campus who travels to Asia a lot gave me this delicious recipe for Shu Mai!! It was sooooooooooooo good!
and I love the Coco Bean!! Two flavors I've wanted to try: Orea and Ultimate Brownie. Both were amazing!! :)
Other good news, we are Temple Workers!!!
We work Saturday Mid-shift; which is from 10-4... Kind of long, but we've loved our time there and wouldn't want to spend our Saturday any other way.
I Love this Temple!! I love wearing one of my favorite dresses all day in there too, I feel like a princess. haha. It's SO pretty inside!! and outside!! Obviously! :)


Just for my own personal memories I'm sharing this story. It's so ridiculous and so us!! I LOVE it!! haha... So we wanted to play games on skype against each other one night. After playing some battleship, and aquablast, we decided to do some hangman! So we each type our words in and hit start. The first letters to guess are obviously vowels... A, E, and O imparticular. We both select those trying to go fast to get the word first. I look up to see what we've both guessed so far. On my word Brad had guessed _ E E _ E E. On Brad's word I guessed:
_ E E _ E E _O O _ O O. We both looked at each other and started busting up laughing... Haha, know the missing letter? 5 minutes later, we were still laughing... I still chuckle thinking how we both picked the same word to start off with... haha, our first words... Love it! :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mi Papi!!!

My papi is the best!! He is SO SO SO SO SO SO Wonderful!! He has set such a great example for me in how to be a great person. He has always been adventurous!
He's a great golfer!! We're trying to get better... hahaAlways does fun things with usBad to the bone!! hahaHe LOVES Red Robin, thank goodness, cause we all love it too! He'll always jump into my crazy photo taking!
He reads the Newspaper everyday! Every Saturday morning I remember him either having the Newspaper in hand or seeing it sitting on the floor already read. Sometimes my goal for saturday would be to be awake by the time dad was going to go get the paper so I could walk up the street with him.

He loves mommy, and they are so funny together!

He has phenominal blue eyes!! and passed that on to all of the kids! :)

He LOVES to travel and has taken us to so many amazing places!! Thanks for always thinking of us and including us on the big trips! :) Seriously the best DAD EVER!

"Dad's always right!"

I love you papi and hope you have a great fathers day! I can't wait till I get to see you again!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Family Pictures

My friend let us borrow her tripod to practice some motion pictures. I figured why not get some family photos too! We've been married over a year and need some replacements for all the wedding pictures. So they worked like this: Brad would go pose while I played with angles/lighting. Then I'd set the timer and it would snap 4 pictures. (Just to get a full smile in)Then I played with some of our photos in photoshop!! I was so happy with how it worked out!!

This one is my first attempt at vintage. This one was sepia, the settings done by photoshop.Natural, just cropped and hid some dandelions.
Black and white w/ a high contrast. I thought it was cool.

There's just a few!! I love pictures so of course we have TONS of them!! Bradley was such a trooper!! :) There was also a LOT of goofing off!!

SUN SPOT!!! I love having sun spots in pictures, I have no idea how to get them, but LOVE it when they show up!Brad's reaction to the picture below... "We're here!!" haha
Brad surfing the toy.

He didn't think I could do it... so wrong!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who's house?

Madison's wedding at Mt. Timpanogos Temple Here's some of the Gilbert Boys! Joey, Brad, Josh, Nick, Jordan, Dallin, and Madison.For Memorial day weekend we had plans to go hiking and to Yellowstone. But it was cold and rainy everyday. We did get out to go hiking for a little bit!Sadly there was still snow on the ground!!! Driving up the road to the trail was blocked by snow that was too deep to drive through. So we parked on the side of the road and figured we'd just walk the rest of the way. We walked about 100 yd. when a sign said trailhead <<<<< (arrow) 4 miles!!! AH, we were still 4 miles from the trailhead!!! We decided just to walk as far as we felt like going then turn around.Noelle came with us!!! :DStill a pretty hike! We turned around after hiking for just over an hour because avoiding the snow was becoming unavoidable.When we returned home we went looking for a bbq to grill some delicious steaks we had received!! While driving around we found this.... Who said the Hobbits could move in?
This thing was so big inside!! 2 people could easily fit inside. Who made this?
ahhhhh the luxury life of eating steak and asparagus!!
Thanks to my expert Grillman (Brad) dinner was divine!