Thursday, June 14, 2012

June before it gets exciting

This month has just been a lot of clinicals for me, which has been lots of fun, and I'll be done next week! WOO!  In Idaho falls we went to this fire.  The whole garage was burned and the front of the red car.  I just got to watch. :)

The guys at IF wanted me to play football with them, but when I went to catch a pass it hit the tip of my finger and voila...  Swollen finger!!
 This kind of shows the discoloration, there was purple everywhere!
 Been doing a lot of google+ with me familia!
 Brad cooked our steaks and corn on the cob one night at the park.  Which we enjoyed with Cream Soda.  Our secret favorite. :)

Also been running frequently and LOVING my SPIbelt.  I got it at my disney half and it has been so handy to have.  It looks like a little pocket but expands to fit practically anything.(I just put ipod and keys in it for now)  It's sweat/water proof, and once you remove your stuff from it it folds right back to being that little shape. So awesome!
 Lots of goofing off with the best guy ever!!
Eating our PBB Smoothies. i.e. Peanut Butter- Banana smoothies.  Recipe from Nellie! :)  Just ice cream, peanut butter to your desire, some milk and banana. Mmmmm... So Tasty!
 Our crazy crusted little caesars... Always a good dinner.

Next 2 weekends should be super exciting and awesome cause they involve traveling!  CAN'T WAIT!!!!