Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanks to be Givin

Thanksgiving we went down to Utah. The plan was to go after my clinical and we found out I didn't have a clinical!! Knowing that ahead of time would have changed a lot of things, but oh well... So we left for Utah! We had Thanksgiving with my aunt Wendy and cousins. Our meal was enjoyed at Sizzlers! haha, the plan was Chuch-a-Rama, but that line was a 2 hour wait! Who would have thought it would be so popular on Thanksgiving! Sizzler's was about a thirty minute wait and we both ordered steak. :) We don't enjoy steak that much, so it was a great treat! The rest of thanksgiving we played Dominion, and BANG! So much fun :) Friday- Sunday we went up to Aspen Lodge up Provo Canyon with my uncle Dean and more cousins!!! YAY!!! It was such a blast! We had amazing food, played games non-stop to the weee hours of the night, went sledding down icy hills, painted nails, and talked. I hadn't seen a lot of these cousins in a while, so it was such a blast to hang out with everyone. There were 43 people there including all the kids. :) It was super!! This is the view out of the balcony.

We did a little shopping while we were down there, and got Brad's Christmas present... Modern Warfare 2!!! It has been played a TON this week, Connor has been over more just to play! :) haha.

Something Brad has always talked about his mission is Ginger Beer. Just like Ginger Ale but stronger, he says it burns your throught. Our latest trip to Broulims we found some!! The Australian brand, but he said ti was pretty good, just not the same burn.
And for the record I dyed my hair!!! About a month ago now, oh well... haha
We're so sad we missed Thanksgiving with the family in AZ!!! Love you all!!