Monday, May 23, 2011


We went to the park with Sara and Will a little bit ago. Played frisbee in the beautiful sunshine and got some Nielsen Custard! YUM!! In my fire class last week we got to climb the 100 ft. ladder!! :) SO AWESOME!! It just kept going and going as the sides got closer and closer to you... The last 20 feet were the most nerve racking as the ladder would rock with you each movement you would make. Great view from the top tho! :)
The night before my birthday we had a fire with Noelle and Nellie. Smoked some hot dogs, and played some frisbee, since on my Birthday we were both busy with our night classes. The wind was really whippin the fire around!
Raw Weenie
Love you guy's so much!!!On my birthday I was SO delighted to receive a cute box from my in-laws with pretty pink tissue paper! Inside was EVERYTHING I could ever want for cupcake/cake decorating!! I was seriously so surprised with everything I received, it was everything I drooled over at the store!! haha, so thank you SO MUCH Mom and Dad W!!
Later on campus Brad met up with me for dinner arriving with these:Ah!! Best Birthday Ever cause I have the Best Husband Ever!! Coco bean cupcakes and gorgeous flowers! My favorite! Thanks to all my friends and family who made my birthday so awesome!! The next morning we left for Utah at 1 am so Brad could fly down to his friends wedding! (hence all the early celebration) We then spent the weekend in Utah! LOVED it!! More pictures to come! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fight Night

For our date night last Friday, I wanted to go to the first Rexburg Fight Night!!! My friend's from fire class invited me, and I knew Brad would like it so we had to go!!! :) The fights were SO AWESOME!!! Anybody could sign up to fight, then they would match them up with someone in their weight range. Every ridiculously buff guy in Rexburg was probably there, these guy's were HUGE! We had front row view of all the fights, music was playing, and guys were beating each other. haha it was fun :)

This is typically Full Body Contact Gym, where people work out by boxing. So the guy in the grey shirt below... Has actually been going to this gym and LOST 132 pounds!!!! Which is amazing, it was neat to watch him fight.

Brad is standing over by the speaker, with his hat on if you can see him :) I'm right next to him.

The guy in the maroon is my friend Ricky, he trains here all the time, so I thought he was the best to watch cause he knew what he was doing and he was good.The last fight was between these two. The guy on the right is named Adam Bourka? He's normally a body builder, but he signed up to fight cause everyone wanted to see him fight. I'm so glad he did!! HE IS HUGE!!! I always tell my brother about him when I see him on campus. haha :) So Connor watch the videos to see him fight.The first video is of the last few fights or so, they were all really good.
The second one is of this guy Stanton who fought twice. His last fight was against Adam seen above.

Thanks for the great date night Bradley!!! :) Can't wait to go again!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


To the Best Mother in the world!!!! You make the best Korean food!!

You're a peacock!!

A great Driving partner :)

I love you!

You're a great cook/baker :) Haha no explanation

You're stern when you need to be (in a good way)

Our temple trips were so fun!

Thanks for being such a great mother and loving me all the time! Your so amazing!! I miss you, can't wait to see you.... Whenever that is. :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

As of Lately

We saw some awesome cheap pork at the store the other day, so we bought it and took it home. Then Brad opened it to split it into bags... and the skin was still on it!!! So GROSS!! We had to cut the skin off.The Guts going to the garbage... Smelt like formaldehyde. This was too cute to pass up, Brad was so starving for dinner one night he sat and watched it cook! It was shrimp so we were just waiting for the sauce to bubble.
For Easter we dyed eggs with the Shoemakers. Brad made the "real" egg. :)
It's been in the fifties almost every couple of days!! :) Hip Hooray!
We went bowling with my friend from Washington; Erin and her husband, Trent, and adorable baby DC!
Cute little DC :)
On Saturday we went out to a trail by the river I like to run on. I have previously seen 3 moose on this trail, one of which I almost ran into, and Saturday we saw a baby one!! I was so excited!! I was getting afraid that Brad didn't believe me that I'd seen moosen on this trail, but now he saw one too! :)
Pretty sad how dead idaho still looks... :/

I've also been reading up on movement in pictures. We saw somebody do something like this in a picture, so we thought we'd try it! :) My cute Aero bear volunteered. haha, he's actually my sick bear from when I had mono and couldn't go shopping on black friday. Tori, Valerie, and Corey got it for me. thanks! :)Bear on merry- go- round, Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!