Sunday, September 23, 2012

North Carolina

We took off labor day weekend for Charlotte, NC to visit Garrett and Val!! :)   We stopped at a rest stop in SC and saw this beautiful lake and had to jump.  I love the carolina's their lakes are so pretty!
 Just to let you all know this is not an actual butt, this is a water tower, disguised as a peach.  We call it The Peach Butt.
 Charlotte was hosting the DNC in a few days and we randomly got stopped and asked a few questions.  I wanted to laugh so hard in this picture!! SO awkward!!
 Funny group shot
Val and I with the biker gang!  The cops were everywhere we went in Charlotte!!
Visited the cemetery, also I love the cemeteries down here!! So much bigger and non-traditional, to the West. 
They were my practice couple with my new lens. :) Thanks guys!
 Leaving rainy downtown!
 Sunday we had lunch at a local park.
 Found this cute critter.
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADLEY!!!  Celebrated that night with pazookies. :)
 Monday we went hiking by Kings Mountain.  Beautiful view!

 Thanks for such a great time garrett and Val!!  We miss you guys, can't wait to see you again!!  Now time to update my internship blog, which has been going FABULOUS!!  Here's the link to that I've only done 2 posts, so the next bunch will be coming soon!!

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